Th aims to bring together researchers involved in different topics related to SAR, from their constellations, to the methodology and algorithms and to the thematic, environmental, and geometric applications, to mark a milestone of the state-of-the-art around the following (non-exhaustive) list of topics

  • Theories, methods, and systems for the analysis of SAR imagery
  • DEM/DSM and global DEM generation and accuracy assessment techniques and applications
  • Surface motion estimation from SAR
  • Discussion on new SAR satellite constellations for bi-static and mono-static pursuit pairs
  • Non-sun-synchronous orbits and Geosynchronous SAR
  • Physical modelling of electromagnetic radiation, analysis of spectral signatures, image classification, data fusion, pattern recognition, and quality control
  • Big SAR data processing
  • Ground based SAR Interferometry
  • Applications in monitoring and assessing environment, landuse/landcover, nature resources, weather/atmosphere and climate, cryosphere, coastal and ocean, forestry/agricultural ecosystems/biodiversity, wetlands, and archaeology
  • Object extraction from InSAR data